How To Use Fonts In Your Animated Videos

How To Use Fonts In Your Animated Videos

How to Use Fonts in Your Animated Videos ?

Typography or usage of fonts is important to market the brands on the billboards, TVs, and on the social media. Initially, typography may not seem important to most people, but it is the most responsible for giving your brand an image in front of the audience.

The kind of fonts which represent your brand and its message gives off your brand’s first
impression in front of the people. In short, it is responsible for gathering the audience in the first glance. 

There are many kinds of fonts, and each one has its own value for the brand.

However, choosing the right font for your brand is a rather tricky job. Not using the fonts
correctly can represent the amateurism and unprofessionalism of the brand.

They give off the kind of vibe that the brain represents, and it shows of the correct balance
between professionalism and giving off fun vibes. Fonts are alone responsible for making or breaking the brand.

What Are Animated Text Generators ?

Animated text generators are tools that allows the website to make digital texts. These
animated texts perform the task of quickening up your blog and makes them even more attractive.

These are basically the site that contains tool to provide you with reasonable fonts that will suit your brand or video. These generators come up with various types of font styles and colors according to your choice. They make your entire struggle of trying to find the right font easier.

Some of these generators are even free and accessible to everyone. Sometime ago in a meeting text was only available for the video editors and a professionals in the field of art. Now they are available to everyone and are as easy as using them on a smartphone.

How to Choose an Animated Font ?

We are all familiar with the animated TV show stranger things that is one of the most popular show around the world. A fan created the stranger things font that resembles the logo lettering of the show. 

The font style was designed by using the comic style lettering. The logo and font are used internationally.

This font is important to give off a fun, energetic vibe to the brand and matches animated video properly.

It shows familiarity and gives off nostalgic vibes to the viewers, hence making them moreattached to the video. It can increase viewership as well.

Best Animated Text Generators with Fonts :

Mentioned below are some of the best animated text generators for you to easily install on
your computer or smart phones and use them as per your convenience.

Most of them are free and contains a lot of features for you to explore. We have sorted three of the text generators that may not be free but are truly the best in their job.

We advise you to read on below to give them a look and figure out which one suits you the

There are a lot of animated text generators, but we have figured out the best three text
generators for your use.

1. is designed to perform the job for content of social media. It is basically an online video making and editing tool. This tool consists of wide choices of animation effects, and different fonts for you to choose from.

It also contains default pictures videos in order to tracks to help with your content. Their output format is MP4.


The benefits of wave. Video are:

  • They are easy to use.
  • They are easy for everyone to use including professionals and non-professionals.
  • They are updated with every kind of design and color according to the dates and
  •  They are aware of the demands of their users and keeps on bringing new changes.
  •  They provide user guidance as well.
  •  They have a vast option for fonts, color, size, text positioning, etc.
  •  They contain many image or video clips for users to use as their background.
  •  They contain many templates for the users as well.

The cons of wave. Video are:

  • It requires registration.
  • It is not available in a free version.

2. Ani maker:

Animaker is a software which allows you to make your own animation online. It provides the users with a huge and unique collection of animated characters, BG, icons, and charts.

One fun thing about Animaker is that you can make the text appear and disappear from the video.

They’re also available in the MP4 format.

The benefits of any maker are mentioned below:

  •  They allow the user to change enter and exit animation separately.
  •  They allow great collection of animation effects and fonts.
  •  They allow the users to upload their custom fonts.
  •  They contain the ability to use any image or video clip as their background.
  •  They contain some premade templates for the users to choose.
  •  They allow reliability and working with flow.
  •  They help do users select any picture or animation of their choice.

The cons of Animaker are mentioned below:

  •  They do not contain a decent level of usability.
  •  They contain a requirement for registration.
  •  They do not have decent features in their free version.
  •  The free version has many limitations.
  •  They contain a watermark on their free plan.
  •  Their designs are very outdated.
  •  They do not have any updated or recent designs or fonts.

3. Textanim:

Textanim is a tool that is free and allows users to create any kind of dynamic text animation.

This tool is mostly beneficial in making logos and banners.
It is not available in MP4 format, however, it is available in gif output form. This may not seem to be the most glamorous or the most hyped one, but this tool is really beneficial for those who are looking for a free tool for their work.

It contains a limited but amazing choice of animated effects. Let’s read on below to get to know about their pros and cons.

Mentioned below are the pros of Textanim:

  • They contain no hidden or additional costs for their use.
  •  They are the cheapest site for users, and almost as free.
  •  They are easy and reliable to use.
  •  They contain vast animation effects.
  •  They are user-friendly.
  •  They are updated and recent.
  •  They have features to entertain text animation rather than movements and
  •  They are unique and good to use.


The cons of text Animate are:

  •  They do not contain any animation effects which involves movement.
  •  They cannot allow the texts to appear or disappear.
  •  Their UI/UX designs are outdated.
  •  They are for random usage.



Final Thoughts :

To sum it up, we know that text animation and using a font in animated videos is very
important as they give out the whole outlook of the content. Pokémon font is one of the fonts of animation that is used in animated videos.

There are also multiple animated text generators that allow the users to get multiple stylish, animated fonts for their videos. Each of them had a pros and cons listed below them.

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