6 Reasons To Use WordPress As An Ecommerce Platform

6 Reasons To Use WordPress As An Ecommerce Platform

6 Reasons To Use WordPress As An Ecommerce Platform

WordPress is an online open source website creation platform written in PHP and MySQL. In other words, it is also referred to as a free content management system (CMS) used for building and maintaining a website. It has various user-friendly features, which is compatible with thousands of Woocommerce plug-ins, including the Woocommerce mix and match plug-in that serves as an ideal option for beginners. WordPress is a common choice for most bloggers and most especially for ecommerce development companies as well.

Some people often say; having a WordPress site designed for an ecommerce store can be ambiguous and bogus. Logically, WordPress may not give a great user-view experience just because it’s not a platform built entirely for the purpose of an ecommerce store, particularly when compared with other domains like Shopify and Wix. However, there are lots of interesting features to pick on that can eventually make a difference when designing your store with WordPress.

Here are a few reasons to use WordPress for the development of your ecommerce site.

  1. WordPress Is Widely Adaptable For Various Needs.

As we already know, WordPress is the most popular website creation platform in the world, and when it comes to its availability for use as an e-commerce store, all credit goes to the thousands of Woocommerce plug-ins associated and compatible with it – providing a wide range of themes, plug-ins and other functions that even helps to categorize each product to different customer regions, using the woocommerce custom price plug-in for example. The use of WordPress is cheap in developing an ecommerce store. In addition, you can buy themes and templates that are very affordable to help accelerate the speed in building a website for your customers.

WordPress websites are much more supported, and you can have a wide range of developers to choose from as a client looking to own an ecommerce store. The adaptability of WordPress gives you the option to choose in having it for the purpose of a blog site and for ecommerce store simultaneously depending on your needs.

  1. The Community Support For WordPress Is Phenomenal.

Your store is very important for your business. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, it can hurt your sales right away, and that’s more reason using a system that has the support of a full development team helps to keep you safe in times of trouble when managing your store, and WordPress does that satisfactorily well. The community of WordPress automatically keeps you updated when the internet changes, or when there are little changes in standards, no wonder WordPress is one of the most standard platforms for website development.

  1. WordPress Is An Open Source Platform.

WordPress as an open source platform simply means the entire website community of software developers out there can build extensions for its platform. Having known these, don’t let it be a surprise to you if you’re looking for a certain kind of feature to add to your store and suddenly finds out it exists already. There are millions of people building little widgets, building a variety of codes for Woocommerce on the go, an example is the creation of custom product boxes for your store with the use of Woocommerce mix and match plug-in, that enables customers to create and buy bundle products by adding products to box. This exceptional feature makes WordPress a very extensive platform since you can personally write something and tie it to the entire site, giving you an edge to build your site faster than other website creation platforms.

  1. You Don’t Need Technical Expertise To Develop A WordPress Site.

You can say both WordPress and Magento are both open source platforms for example, but WordPress doesn’t require much technical know-how to run and operate, you don’t need to be a geek to manage a WordPress site. Consequently, the more reason why the WordPress domain is usually recommended for beginners is that its features are usually user-friendly, and not entirely built for the purpose of an ecommerce store. Also, looking at WordPress for example, there’s no need for a well-scripted theme, but you’ll need to choose a clean-coded theme for your SEO so that your site will be able to run content marketing and digital publishing effectively.

It is important to note that using a more advanced ecommerce platform like Magento or Shopify does not guarantee success, what guarantees success with your store are factors like; top-notch customer support, unique selling proposition, and high-quality product images.

  1. WordPress Sites Rank High For Their Keywords.

You don’t have to be told that WordPress sites are more easily found when searched on Google compared to other ecommerce platforms out there. An ecommerce site will easily rank for keywords if designed with WordPress since Google powers over 70% of global desktop search traffic and an amazing 95% of the mobile internet searches.

The reason why your ecommerce store needs to rank high for keywords is that over 80% of online shoppers and customers do a research on the internet before making any purchase, and it will startle you that Google handles over a billion of these searches in just a few weeks to a month.

  1. WordPress Offers A Higher Collection Of Themes And Plug-ins

Imagine having hundreds of theme options at your disposal to toggle with; that’s another unique feature WordPress offers as a site builder. In addition, the plug-in directory for WordPress includes thousands of plug-ins so that you can add features such as galleries, product pages, checkout functionality, shopping cart, and so on. All these above options available can help you fine-tune the appearance and functions to how you really want your ecommerce store to look like.

The good thing about its wide range of plug-in/theme options is that; it makes it suitable for every kind of user since almost every feature required for a store is available. The compatible Woocommerce plug-ins is available in thousands of categories, which you can purchase at a very low cost or sometimes download free from third-party developers. Also, you can choose to deactivate a plug-in at any given point in time as your site evolves.


        It is important to use a platform that is already built than trying to design your own store

because employing a web developer to create your own sales system can be very costly

and time-consuming, so you’ll want to use a system that is already tested by the entire

world and WordPress is that system.

Lastly, it is important to note that the right choice for you depends on your primary goals.

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