Hair Filaments Brush For Photoshop

Hair Filaments Brush For Photoshop

Hair Filaments Brush For Photoshop

make your cutouts look perfectly realistic using the Hair Filaments brush presets , with 41 thin hair filaments presets for your photoshop you will be able to recover the lost thin hair contour after cuting your subjects from the background in photoshop.

and even more , by using the Hair Filaments brush it will be easier for you to cut women hair from the background as you won’t be worried about losing the thin hair contour.

Before adding Hair Filaments
the final result
After Adding Hair Filaments

the thin hair filaments brush will make your work flow x2 times faster because all you will have to do is fastly and easily cut your character from the back ground and then you can easily achieve good looking cutout results by using the 41 presets to generate natural hair noise variations around the hair edges of your female or even male subjects.

the hair filament presets are clean and good quality taken from real personages hair.

the Hair Filaments presets will save you time and efforts , even money after using the Hair Filaments solution you wont need any expensive masking softwares & plugins or complex background separation methods.

watch the following tutorial to know how the brush works :

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