Using pre-keyed effects in your video projects

using pre keyed effects in your video projects

Using pre keyed effects in your video projects

in this small tutorial we will see how to use a pre-keyed effect on your video and creat a mixed scene using Adobe After Effects, we will see step by step how we can take advantage of a Pre-keyed effect to achieve great video compositions. here is a very basic example of what we are going to create in this tutorial. the video without Pre-keyed effect
Download in FULL HD
the video with Pre-keyed effect
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as you can see with just a simple video when added the Particles Pre-keyed effect it’s giving the impression of a snowy weather, or like dust flying every-where in front of the camera. here is the Pre-keyed effect it self
Download in FULL HD

Adding the Pre-keyed effect

creating a new composition

Open your Adobe After Effects and inside the project panel right-click > Import > File then Locate and select the two project files then click Open.

Note: Download the project files from Here.

Right-click the imported video file named (video without pre-keyed effect.mp4) and choose New Comp from Selection.

a new composition is created from the imported video.

 Click on the image to see the full size

in the project panel click on the file Named (Particles_02.mp4) to select it , then from file > choose Add Footage To Comp.

Go to file > Add Footage To Comp.

as you can see after adding the file (Particles_02.mp4) to the Composition it’s hiding the first video in the bottom see the image below.

 Click on the image to see the full size

To mix the particles pre-keyed effect and the video together we need to change the blending mode.

To do so: in the composition panel right-click the file (Particles_02.mp4) then in the menu go to blending mode > then choose Add.

 Click on the image to see the full size

after changing the blending mode you can see now the particles effect appears on the image of the buildings it’s that easy.

 Click on the image to see the full size

by clicking the play button you will figure out that the particles are adding a nice effect on the first video.

thats it hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.

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