4 Smart Ways To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

4 Smart Ways To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

4 Smart Ways To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

Want to know how people use WordPress websites to earn with blogging?
A number of startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses aims to make money online. And today’s technology makes it easier for non-tech workers to make a lucrative website.
In this post, we’re going to show you four of the best ways to make money blogging with WordPress so you can get started today.

Way# 1: Figure Out Your Blog’s Niche

The first item on the agenda is deciding what your blog is about. I know this sounds like a cliché, but there’s no point in blogging about it if you don’t like it.

Whether you want to talk about marketing, CBD, veganism, or just any biography, you can find out. Remember, your idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but you do need a unique voice. I know this sounds like a cliché, but there’s no point in blogging about it if you don’t like it.
Never start blogging about something you don’t like – it will appear in your articles and your readers will find out. Plus, you can’t keep creating innovative content to grow your audience and make money later. Make a list of things that pique your natural curiosity and that you would like to know. Or, think about what advice your friends and family will be looking for.
The only way to make money with your blog is to attract enough visitors. Let’s say you’ve already decided on your blog niche and want to write about crafts. You decide to expand your niche and start a blog entirely dedicated to paper art or scrapbooking. Although you enjoy writing on both topics, you may want to focus on one first.
Do a quick Google search. There are far more results in terms of paper art than scrapbooking. So it makes more sense to write about the paper art that the audience is looking for.
I would add that it is better to avoid average or general issues. Don’t be afraid to explain if you have customers. For example, if you want to start a food blog, don’t use words as food. Use grilling or vegan instead. You will understand from my point of view.

Way# 2: Come up With Interesting Blog Topics

If you want to increase traffic to your website or encourage more email subscribers, you need to deliver engaging content to your readers. I suggest making a list of the questions that you are often asked. Trust me, you can create multiple possible blog topics in just 30 minutes. Your priority should be to see things from the reader’s point of view.
You can also focus on more specific questions. For example, suppose you want to create a parenting blog for mothers who stay at home. Below I have compiled a list of questions you can ask yourself and a list of answers on my mother’s blog.
What could be interesting or exciting for your readers? For a home mother, topics related to dream education, homeschooling, and inexpensive meal ideas can be a good place to start. What are your reader’s weaknesses and concerns? Common household problems for staying home mothers can include planning meals, understanding developmental milestones, and so on.
What are the characteristics of your readers? Mothers are usually patient and caring and like a sense of humor. Which niche topics would your readers focus on the most? The child’s mental, physical, and emotional development can be engaging topics of conversation for mothers at home.
What topics in my niche will your readers address? House mothers don’t like to be despised. So you can blog about how society sees you and its impact. Likewise, you can use the questions above to suggest ideas that fit your niche. With that in mind, make sure you create a catchy headline that will get the reader to click on your blog right away.

Way# 3: Start a Podcast

Podcasting is growing now. According to Paid Insights, as of April 2019, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million episodes. More and more people are listening to podcasts around the world.
If you’re already blogging, adding podcasts can be a very smart way to get more traffic and get back to podcast growth. Podcasts are great especially if you are a beginner as most of your niche blogs have more written content than you do.
Podcasts don’t just help you make a name for yourself and get more traffic to your blog. It can also be another source of income for your blog. With a fairly large audience, you can sell sponsored slots on your podcast to companies that aim to grab the attention of the people in your audience.
To start podcasting, you’ll need a place to host your audio files as well as your website to host them. Media Center is a company that lets you store audio files for listeners to stream and download.
There are also WordPress plugins that you can use to manage and even host your podcasts, such as Serious Simple Podcast, Smart Podcast Player, and Simple Podcast Press. Most people appreciate overestimating the launch of podcasts and so it never starts. However, if you already have a computer, you only need to start with a few things: a microphone, headphones, audio editing software, podcast hosting, and a Skype or Zoom account. Now you can create episodes for the world.

Way# 4: Optimize Your Blogs for the SERPs

Search engine optimization SEO is an important step in making money blogging. This is where you optimize your website to rank higher in the search engines for certain keywords and phrases.
In WordPress, you can optimize your content and blog by downloading the Yoast SEO plugin. Go to the Plugins menu and click Add. Look for Yoast SEO in the search bar and install the plugin. Remember to activate it to complete the installation process.
You will find that this plugin can give you all sorts of improvement tips and tricks that will allow you to optimize your content based on the keyword you have chosen. I recommend including as many SEO and readable content suggestions as possible.
WordPress gives you the liberty to add as many plugins as you want whether it’s for an eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce or for your blog. WordPress supports all WooCommerce plugins to integrate on your site to give next-level user experience, for instance, you can remove add to cart button if the product isn’t ready to deliver or out of stock through the remove add to cart button WooCommerce. WordPress is one stop shop for your blog as well as for your store.

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