Decorate and recolor dress in photoshop

Decorate and recolor dress in photoshop

Decorate and recolor dress in photoshop

Take a look on how to decorate and change the color of dress in adobe photoshop learn how to use modes to add patterns on clothing understand how to recolor or colorize clothes and dress in Photoshop.

1- import a photo in Adobe Photoshop then from the tools bar select the Pen Tool.

2- use the Pen tool to start adding anchor points and creating a path around the edges of the dress.

( Done creating a path for the selection )

3- on the right side of the workspace switch to the Paths panel and make sure the Work Path layer is selected then click the little icon in the bottom to Load Path as Selection.

( Done converting the path into selection )

4- go to Layer menu — New — then select , Layer Via Copy or Tap Ctrl+J on the keyboard , this will create a new layer for the selected content.

5- switch back to the Layers panel and make sure the new layer is selected.

6- go to Image menu — Adjustments — then select Hue/Saturation… or tap Ctrl+U on the keyboard.

7- in the Hue & Saturation window make sure “Colorize” box in checked then use both “Hue” and “Saturation” Sliders to set the color of your choice.

( Done changing dress colors )

Watch the complete video tutorial to see how you can work with selections and blending modes to add decorations to the clothes.

Decorate and recolor dress in photoshop

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