How to repair damaged photos in Photoshop

How to repair damaged photos in Photoshop

How to repair damaged photos in Photoshop

in this easy to follow tutorial know how to repair , clean up and restore your old photos in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 in this guide discover the easiest way to bring back to life your old family images.

Overview :

A – in the first step in this restoration tutorial will start by desaturating the image and why we did that is because we first need to simplify the colors in the image to grey scale so it will be easier for us to heal and correct the image using both the Dodge tool and the Burn tool to balancing and calibrating between black , white and grey instead of working on a photo that contains colors it will be more difficult.

B – in the second step will be using a fast technique to clean up and change the background behind the subject into a clean white color by using the Dodge tool instead of using the Pen tool or the Quick Selection tool to separate & cut out the subject from the background then pasting it in a new layer, so using the Dodge tool was a faster and simple tricky way to do it.

C – next we used the Spot Healing Brush Tool to clean up and removing any scratches or crackings in the picture and make things look clean then also we used the Clone Stamp Tool to recover and heal other spots in the photo.

D – in the 4th step we’ve copied the left ear of the subject then we’ve mirrored it to heal and replace the right ear which was fully blurred and invisible.

E – in the 5th step we’ve used the Burn tool to bring the details back to life and to outline the mouth and the eyes so that the facial features becomes clearer, then we also used the Dodge tool to whitening and healing other portions in the image.

F- finally we have enhanced the clarity a little bit using the Camera Raw filter available in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 then we’ve applies a Color Look Up 3D LUT adjustment layer on the image to recover the original Sepia look.

Photo restoration tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

i hope this guide was helpful for you, Thank you for taking your time reading and watching the tutorial , if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the Tutorial please Contact us or leave us a comment below, we will be glade hearing from you.

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    Awesome information sharing! I had also used Stellar Repair for Photo Software for repairing damaged photos in photoshop. Thanks!


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