Red Giant Instant 4K

Red Giant Instant 4K

Red Giant Instant 4K

Upconvert video to 4K resolution

Red Giant Instant 4K quickly up­converts your video into a variety of high resolution formats with outstanding results. Its intelligent algorithms generate new pixels to match the dimensions of the desired resolution, then adds sharpening and anti­aliasing to preserve the image details.


Superior upscaling
Using our advanced upconversion algorithms, Instant 4K produces higher quality results than the scaling tools provided by host applications.

Simple Presets
Instant 4K comes with easy to use presets that make it easy to uprez your footage to 720P, 1080P, 2K and 4K and more.

Faster than Ever
Instant 4K has been re­tooled to be 200% faster (or more) than Instant HD.

Upgrade Options
If you own Instant HD, you are eligible for a $29 upgrade to Instant 4K.

Suite Savings
Instant 4K is part of the Shooter Suite. Save big! Purchase the Shooter Suite now!

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