Remove watermark from images in photoshop

Remove watermark from images in photoshop

Remove watermark from images in photoshop

fastly know how to remove transparent text or logos from any kind of photos or images using the magical tools in Adobe Photoshop.

this tutorial can be useful in some cases when you by mistake saved an image with the wrong caption and you don’t have another copy of that image in your hard disk, for example i have saved this dolphin photo with the wrong name instead of captioning it as a Bottlenose dolphin i did a mistake and named it as a Clymene dolphin and i dont have another original saved copy.

well it’s not hard to correct this image using Adobe Photoshop. in this quick guide let me show you step by step how you can easily correct this little mistake.

1- first open your image in Adobe Photoshop then in the Layers panel double click the layer to activate it.

2- when the new layer window appears just click on Ok button to proceed.

3- Go to the tools bar and select the Spot Healing Brush Tool or or simply tap “J” on the keyboard.

4- from the top menu click the down arrow button to open the brush settings tab then set the Size of the brush to a size that covers the font size to be corrected , then set the Hardness to 10% , and the Spacing to 25%

5- now all you have to do is drawing with the brush over the text to remove it.

if the Spot Healing Brush Tool does not work for you to restore some complex areas in the image, you can use the Clone Stamp Tool which is a more accurate tool to heal images and removing the text from complex areas.

Also please watch the following video tutorial to learn how to use the tools mentioned above in a more advanced way :

i hope this guide was helpful for you, Thank you for taking your time reading and watching the tutorial , if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the Tutorial please Contact us or leave us a comment below, we will be glade hearing from you.

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